the right gear goes a long way
In fitness, the right gear goes a long way
Training in a gym or even a home-gym is a great thing. But most often, exercise enthusiasts don't understand the importance of the right equipment that works best for their bodies.

Stepping it up on a treadmill

Walking has been proven to be the best exercise above anything else for weight loss. But if you engage in a less intense workout, you will have to increase the length of your workouts to get the most benefits. Exercising on a treadmill is a great way to burn calories, build bone density, maintain good cardiovascular health, and increase energy levels. Treadmills are not limited to running or waking; they can also be used for cross training, interval training, incline intervals, and waking on toes and heels.

Low impact, high returns, elliptical
Elliptical trainers allow you to burn a similar number of calories as jogging, but without the risk of injury to the back, knees, hips, or ankles. Your feet never leave the pedals. As a result, this type of machine is quite low-impact and goes easy on the joints. In fact, whereas exercising on a treadmill requires your body to absorb the impact force of walking or running, exercising on an elliptical can be compared to running in midair. Because ellipticals are so low-impact and easy on the joints, this type of exercise equipment may very well be one of the best choices for older people or for individuals who are recovering from a joint injury.

Push the pedal on a bike
Bikes are another type of machine you can purchase for the home. This type of machine provides a gentle, yet effective low or non-impact workout, without putting too much stress on the spine. Stationary bikes are ideal fitness machines for those who experience low back discomfort. How to choose the right equipment
From a training perspective, walking or jogging on a treadmill will burn more calories and exercise a greater number of muscles than using an exercise bike. But the benefits of an exercise bike are that they are cheaper to buy, easier to store in your house and have less impact on your body if you are prone to injury. At the end of the day, it all depends of what you are most comfortable with and what you enjoy more.

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